Friday, October 2, 2009

The Long View

Some folks have been asking for a long view of my garden, so I thought I would oblige. I've been hesitant in posting them, however, as I don't consider myself a good garden designer. I have accepted that because of my one-of-everything-itis, I will never create a space with smooth flowing forms, drama, and coherence. But I will also accept constructive criticism on how to improve my space while keeping my basic gardening philosophy in mind.

Here is my yard in total.

Approaching from the mailbox.

I really need to replace that crabapple. It has never thrived after being installed by the builders. I'm thinking a Stewardia would be a good choice.

The mailbox garden

The mailbox garden from the house. Front-right is the Beautyberry.

Top of the path

The turn-around garden. You can see the top of the path on the right side.

Viburnum turning colors

Across the lawn

The front door approach

Looking across to the Cornus Controversa

Full view of the front door