Friday, May 21, 2010

Late May Flowers

Lupine and Tsuga canadensis 'Moon Frost'

Close-up of the Lupine. The tallest are Russell Hybrids from Bluestone ordered last spring. I'm shocked first that they came back and second how beautifully they are doing. They get morning sun and afternoon shade in well-draining slightly acidic soil, but no special care. If I don't get seedlings next year, they will definitely be going on the Bluestone list.

Lupines and Baptisia

Closeup of Baptisia

Spring colors. Usually I don't go for staying on one side of the color wheel. I'm more of a contrast-y sorta lady, but this works for me. I think the prettiness of the silver Artemesia "Silver Brocade" and maroon "Husker Red" Penstemon foliage together would be lost if the flowers in this area were strong yellows, reds, and purples. I need to remember and go back and take just a picture of the white daisy in front of the penstemon's dark leaves. I bet that would be a nice close-up.

Spirea "Snow Mound" Don't worry. I'll post the whole bush when it is in full bloom. It definitely is a favorite. But just a few blooms in anticipation seemed appropriate today.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Second Try Tulip Success

I got this combo right on the second try. Daphne x burkwoodii 'Carol Mackie' has always been a favorite plant, but one of those shrubs that can go unnoticed in a busy spring garden, so as with the Fothergilla, I thought I'd plant some tulips around it to bring attention to it. My first try was "Pink Impression" which was a total miss. They bloomed too early, too tall, and too bright. The delicate variegation of daphne looked washed-out in comparison. So I moved them across the garden, by the neon-yellow forsythia to create a bright contrast that welcomes spring loudly. In their stead I planted "Angelique", a softer peony tulip which seemed a better match for the small pale pink blooms.

And I'm very happy with the combination. Time to add them again to next year's Scheepers order.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fothergilla and Mom's Catmint

From April 30, 2010

Three years ago, when I planted this Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy' from Katsura Gardens it had a very understated presence in the garden. I have always loved the blooms; their color and structure are very unique, especially in a spring garden. But I felt like it didn't draw attention to itself. Most visitors missed it unless I pointed it out. I planted some dark tulips which created a nice contrast, but I was still looking for a companion which would really play it up. I noticed that the low catmint imported from my Mom's garden seemed to bloom at the same time, so I transferred all I could find to surround the Fothergilla, and now, I absolutely love the effect. Both plants are very tactile. I just want to give the grouping a big hug! I think I will try the tulips again next year, just have to decide what the right color would be.