Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fothergilla and Mom's Catmint

From April 30, 2010

Three years ago, when I planted this Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy' from Katsura Gardens it had a very understated presence in the garden. I have always loved the blooms; their color and structure are very unique, especially in a spring garden. But I felt like it didn't draw attention to itself. Most visitors missed it unless I pointed it out. I planted some dark tulips which created a nice contrast, but I was still looking for a companion which would really play it up. I noticed that the low catmint imported from my Mom's garden seemed to bloom at the same time, so I transferred all I could find to surround the Fothergilla, and now, I absolutely love the effect. Both plants are very tactile. I just want to give the grouping a big hug! I think I will try the tulips again next year, just have to decide what the right color would be.

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  1. Lisa, The combination is beautiful. BTW the ad currently featured on your site, which is borderline pornographic, is a good example of why bloggers might be better not to include ads if they can't control the content. (I'm assuming you didn't intend to illustrate this plant combination with images of sexual coupling.) -Jean