Monday, April 5, 2010

Lovely Spring

The weather just could not be better. Warm, sunny, dry. It is just a joy to be outside, and the flowers seem to feel that way too. Just a few shots to show off some early color. First up, my precocious tulips which, oddly, were up and out before my daffodils. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.Anyway, these are Kaufmanniana Hybrid Tulips "The First," and they certainly lived up to their name. From the Scheeper's website "Also known as Water Lily Tulips, Kaufmannianas are colorful, low-growing tulips perfect for rock gardens and border plantings."

Chionodoxa Forbesii have small pink, blue, or white blooms the come in early spring. Having been planted just last year, they seem a bit sparse, but they do look vigorous. I'm hoping they are happy and spread to cover this area.

Here is a closeup of one planted a bit to close to an emerging hyacinth.

Ever wonder what a Shai'Hulud kindergarden looked like?

Don't tell me I'm the only one who looks at the emerging shoots of Baptisia and thinks sandworms from Dune.

Another Chionodoxa forbesii, this time "Pink Giant."

These daffodils were a gift in a spring basket years ago. After the blooms faded, I planted them, and they have spread and bloomed very nicely ever since.

I also have been really enjoying my Abies concolor with a forsythia background. I think the colors are very complimentary.

And a close-up.

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