Saturday, August 22, 2009

Diascia eyes

The best vignettes in my gardens always seem to be happy coincidences. The planned seems 'ho-hum'. But serendipitous combinations often attract my attention and admiration. The flower is Diascia barberae 'Coral Bells'. I bought it to combine with Carex buchannaii, an brownish-orange grass. I was trying to recreate an image I saw in one of my favorite garden books, Shocking Beauty by Thomas Hobbs. But in my garden, it just didn't work. There on the other side of the Diascia, however, was my Heuchera micrantha "Purple Palace" and its leaves make the dark eye of the flowers really stand out. This Diascia is only hardy to zone 8, so they probably won't return, but I love this combo so much, I might just look for it again in the spring and treat it as an annual.

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