Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last Daylily

I have a daylilly bed by my front door. The earliest blooms come in mid-July, and the last clump is blooming this week. I probably have ten plants or so, all blooming in different colors, shapes, and sizes. So I never know, when I walk along the path each morning, which palette will greet me. At the beginning of the season, the pinks seemed to prevail, a light pink, a dark coral, and a dark purple with a lime-green threat. As the summer progresses, the yellows come into preponderance, specifically a huge bloom of gold that needs staking to remain upright. Two weeks ago, it was the star of the show, a beacon that lit up our front steps on cloudy days. Now the photo shows the only plant that still has blooms and buds, a beautiful burst of orange bringing to an end the parade of color. I wish I could say the daylily scene with the dark Japanese Maple foliage behind to set off the bright colors was a brilliant plan of mine. But I'm not sure I can take credit for planning it, it just kind of happened that way, but I sure like the effect.

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