Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hibiscus 'Dixie Belle'

This wonderful hibiscus was given to my by a very good friend, Eric. I love the large happy blooms that cover the plant. I love that I think of him when I walk by. But mostly I love the fact that this plant has a history. Eric's grandfather was a florist and collected the seeds in 1986. After his grandfather passed away, the seeds passed to his father, then to Eric a few years ago. He has been growing the seeds successfully and passing them along to friends and family, so we all are sharing in his family history. I was interested in discovering this hibiscus' cultivar and found some information on the American Meadows website. The Sakata Seed Corporation in Japan introduced the 'Southern Belle' line in the '70s, the Dixie Belle' line in the early '80s, and the shorter 'Disco Belle' line in the late 80's. I am not sure whether this is a Southern or Dixie Belle, but either way, I am very glad to have this beauty in my garden. Thanks, Eric!

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  1. Hibiscus are so beautiful! It's good to know you can grow it that far north!